About Us
BASHI is your go-to for anything product related.

Have an industry skillset?
This is the place for you to make money.

Have a product idea?
This is the place for you to make connections.

Have a desire to create endless career opportunities?
This is the place you need to be.

is to be your bridge to the
fashion and product industry.
Think open innovation Marketplace + Crowdsourcing +
E-portfolio + Creative Community = Profit & Value
All of this you can create at your fingertips. Literally.

Our industry is undergoing exponential change.
The traditional design process and ways of working just don’t cut it anymore!

We are here to eliminate the problems we deal with daily: the waste, duplication, indirect communication, the list goes on and on...

Innovation is not just needed.
Innovation is essential.

Technology is in our favor. Not only will it bring speed, innovation, transparency, it will also enable us to work efficiently and sustainably.

It’s revolutionizing our industry, solving complexity with simplicity. The supply chain is going through a monumental shift from analog to digital. Now we can create our own destiny.

It's truly an exciting era.
The time is now.


The inception of BASHI came from passionate industry natives, who wanted to empower individuals and create a solution for our value chain.

There is so much inefficiency in the fashion and product supply chain; we knew there had to be a better, faster, more efficient way. We also believed there had to be a way for regular people to get their ideas noticed.

Backed with a wealth of knowledge, network and tools - which the industry currently holds behind closed doors - we saw infinite untapped potential. This holds true to any individual, as well as small brands and big retailers. Together we can shape the future.

To be good and do good for the entire industry is what drives us every day.

In the summer of 2018, all the team players came into place, and BASHI was born.


Gain access to participate in our first brand opportunities and many
other perks of being one of the early adopters to the BASHI Platform

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