Getting Started

Getting Started

I just signed up, now what?

We encourage everyone to start filling out their profile and Expertise! Set the standard for the Creator Community by marketing your skills. You can price your skills whatever way you see fit. Take a look at the My Circle page to see how other Creators are setting up their profile. Don't forget that new BOPPs are frequently added, submit to the ones you're interested in!

How do Bundles work?

Bundles are where you offer three different pricing options to each individual Expertise (skillset) on your profile page. You have the freedom to price each bundle, list the deliverables you’ll provide and turnaround times as you’d like.

Who can be a Creator and are there any requirements or prerequisites to join?

Anyone with an idea or who wants to help create someone else’s idea can join BASHI! There are no requirements or prerequisites to sign up. Our Creators are freelancers, moonlighters, full-time and part-time workers who want an outlet for their passion projects and want to make some additional money on the side. We want to service the fashion and general merchandise industries as we feel it’s a segment most freelance sites don’t cater to. Sign up today to see how much diversity we have within our Creator Community!

My Creator Profile

My Creator Profile

I want to keep my name private, can I do that?

Of course! On BASHI we value privacy and know some Creators would like to be incognito. You can do that by clicking on 'EDIT PROFILE' and checking the box 'Make my name private' on the top right window. This will enable only your username to show up publicly. Your full name will only be needed once someone requests an IP Assignment or at the end of a transaction.

What are Influences and how should I list them?

Influences are any mentors, role models, publications or places you gain inspiration from. Influences can describe your aesthetic too so list them as unique as you'd like!

How should I create my Expertise?

Think of the Expertise section as your own Digital Portfolio where you can price your skills. Each Expertise should be a different skillset from the others you have. For example a fashion designer might have an Expertise for each of these skills: Illustrations, CAD Design, Moodboards, 3D Design, etc. Refer to the My Circle page to see how other Creators have their Expertise for inspiration!

What images should I use for my cover photo section?

Your cover photo section is where you can express your aesthetic or style. Add image(s) of places you've traveled to, photoshoots you've been a part of or anything that shows how your unique creativity!

Orders and Payments

Orders and Payments

How do Creators get paid on BASHI?

There are two ways you can get paid on BASHI. One is through promoting your Expertise on your profile where Brands or other Creators can order one of your Bundles. The other is through our BOPPs (BASHI Opportunities) posted by reputable Brands where you can submit your concepts to be selected for payout.

Can I negotiate my Bundle price or due date?

Bundle prices are set by you the Creator and that price is what you should expect to receive. However we realize that every project is different, therefore Creators have the ability to revise the price and/or date once he/she reviews the creative brief submitted by the buyer. The buyer then can be able to accept, revise or decline the new price/date. You will be able to negotiate everything until both parties are satisfied and agree.

Who owns Intellectual Property on my designs?

For BOPPs, you always own the rights to your designs until a Brand selects your submission. If your submission is selected and the design process is completed you will get compensated the payment they offered. If they require IP assigment that will happen at the time of payment. For direct transactions you own your design(s) until the project is completed and files are sent to the buyer. BASHI does not hold your IP to any of the designs that get sent through our platform.

Getting Started

Getting Started

How does BASHI help my company?

We are a community based platform bridging creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators who want to make their ideas into tangible products. Designers can submit to your tailored opportunity or you can browse through our Community to find a specific Creator for your next project. Both ways give you the freedom to view hundreds of concepts from skilled designers faster and more efficiently than before!

What is the criteria to be approved as a Brand/Retailer on BASHI?

Since each Brand/Retailer is different each approval criteria is unique. A few things each Retailer should have in order to be considered is a Business Type (LLC, Sole Proprietorship, Corp), Federal Employer Identification Number and Vendor’s Sales Tax Number.

I have my own in-house design team. Why should I use the platform?

BASHI can help compliment your design team by taking on extra projects and to help you venture into new product categories. Whether your team needs help with tech packs, pattern making, retail branding, etc. the BASHI community is here to help. The beauty of the BOPPs (BASHI Opportunities) is you can tailor them to your needs and get a multitude of perspective. In addition BOPPs provide added exposure and can serve as a way to understand consumer/market demand.

BASHI Opportunities (BOPPs)

BASHI Opportunities (BOPPs)

What is a Creative Brief and what’s the best way to fill it out?

Our Creative Brief is a detailed summary of the specific project you'd like our Creator Community to submit to. There's an Overview, Additional Incentives, Demographics, Features to Consider, Deadline and Payout amount(s) you can list. You'll also have the ability to share photos, videos and links.

Can I select more than one design or Creator?

In many cases there is more than one design you're in love with when running a BOPP. You can list either a single payout or per design payout once you setup your Creative Brief. If a single payout was set at first and you'd still like other designs please contact us and we'll facilitate an agreement with both parties.

What happens if none of the designs submitted are good enough?

Designs that don’t meet expectations rarely happen, but in the event this does we’ll provide best possible resolution for you. Please reach out to us so we can look into your original opportunity that was posted and look over the project submissions.

Who owns Intellectual Property of the designs I select?

For BOPPs, the Creator always owns the rights to their designs until you select their submission. Once the Creator fulfills all the terms listed by you, the Brand, they will get compensated the payout and the IP will transfer - if you listed IP as a requirement. For direct transactions, the Creator owns their work(s) until the project is completed and files are sent to you. Make sure IP is included in their bundle. BASHI does not hold your IP to any of the designs that get sent through our platform.

Orders and Payments

Orders and Payments

Can I negotiate my Bundle price or due date?

Bundle prices are set by each Creator and that price is what you should expect to pay, however the Creator does have the ability to revise the price and/or date once he/she reviews the creative brief submitted by you. You can then negotiate (accept, revise or decline) the new price/date.

Are Creators employed by BASHI?

Creators are not employed directly by BASHI. Creators work on an independent freelance basis and are only issued 1099-K forms if they exceed a certain amount/transactions. Brands do not need to provide any employment forms to the Creators.

Is all communication through the platform? Can I be able to email/call Creators directly?

Per our policy, BASHI/Retailers and Creators should always communicate through the platform. This is to keep record of important information regarding your project in case there are any discrepancies at project completion. In rare cases, we can set up a video conference or enable the voice message feature to communicate better please contact us if you need this request.

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